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Turning Madness into Method

Data-Driven Assessments 

When organizational development and people development efforts fall short, you can sense that something isn't working with your team. Communication gets worse, attitudes shift, and suddenly employees feel like your biggest challenge.

In such moments, many leaders make rash decisions and fundamental shifts. Habitat believes the best way to solve difficult problems is to prioritize learning, which is deeply ingrained in our research-first, data-driven approach to team and organizational assessments.

Organizational Clarity 

If you’ve ever wondered why your team members are missing deadlines, why people seem to be moving in different directions, or why your managers fail to hold their employees accountable, then you likely have underlying clarity problems at the heart of it all.

The organizational development systems Habitat builds will help you create and maintain radical clarity throughout your business, ensuring all departments, teams, and individuals are aligned in purpose and path.

Performance Management 

Prioritizing people development is one of the most important things a great organization can do. Helping your team members map and achieve their goals, identify opportunities for personal and professional development, and refine and improve their skills is key to enhancing your organization.

To that end, Habitat builds custom management development and people development systems that effect lasting change.

Habitat changed how our teams work.

Our team has worked with hdesigngroup to create clarity, alignment, and focus during pivotal points of growth and evolution within the business. In each engagement, we started by assessing the challenges and opportunities the company was facing by building an understanding from team members representing every level of the organization. Our solutions, ranging from strategic planning to performance management systems, were then installed throughout the organization with full buy-in from partners, associates, and designers. The result is a highly aligned organization capable of leveraging systems to maintain clarity and focus, increasing efficiency and reducing internal points of friction.

"We have returned to Habitat to assist in important transitions in our culture and communications for more than four years. Their ability to work with our entire organization to identify the problem, then propose targeted solutions to empower our teams to collaborate in building a better solutions ensures our investment results in a faster and stronger company. Most importantly, after going through sessions with them, our team feels the impact of a more positive working environment and become advocates for improving the business and being part of the process of building better teams."
— Rob Haik, Principle at hdesigngroup

Our Leadership Team

Organizational development consultant focused on people development, Spencer Harris.

Spencer Harris, PhD

Spencer received his doctorate in Communication and Media Studies in 2014 from The University of Kansas and began a career in post-secondary education. After nearly a decade acting as a teacher and researcher, Spencer found his passion for organizational development while building great businesses, where he combined his expertise in people development, communication, and leadership with a gift for problem solving to help businesses overcome institutionalized problems.

Outside of his roles at Habitat and Mostly Serious, Spencer co-hosts The Mixed Six Podcast and has designed and successfully Kickstarted a board game, Party Fowl: The game of Drunk Ducks. Additionally, he regularly speaks on topics of leadership, communication, and popular culture.

Organizational development consultant and people development advocate, Jarad Johnson.

Jarad Johnson

In 2010, Jarad founded Mostly Serious, one of the top digital agencies in the Midwest. He founded the agency with an understanding that, in order to succeed, the company must focus on people development to attract and retain the industry's most talented people. In 2016, Spencer Harris joined Jarad, serving as Director of Operations. Alongside the team at Mostly Serious, the pair created many of the systems now used with clients at Habitat.

In addition to acting as President of Mostly Serious, Jarad has assisted in starting numerous non-profit organizations, including Springfield Community Gardens and Springfield Creatives. Most recently, he has served on the boards of Downtown Springfield Association, Galloway Neighborhood City Improvement District, and Champions Committed to Kids.