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Performance Management

What's Working at Work

Your performance management system should provide alignment and accountability, both for direct reports and for their managers.

Our solutions achieve this by increasing both the frequency of and the quality of conversations about what's working (or not working) at work.

Our performance management systems include:

  • Quarterly Check-in Conversations
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Feedback
  • Managers Evaluate Direct Reports
  • Direct Reports Evaluate Managers

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Performance Management Elements

Documentation Development

A great system requires documentation. You'll receive comprehensive documentation that outlines each role's primary responsibilities, including a stable set of evaluation criteria for managers.

Training for Managers

Each of your managers will receive training to ensure they know how to use the evaluation documentation. We'll provide an overview of the tool, tips for delivering high-quality feedback, and answer any questions.

Training for Team Members

Each member of your team will receive training to introduce and explain the new system. We'll review the documentation and quarterly check-in process, as well as answer any questions about how to use the tools and system.

Installation Follow-up

Your managers will have a trusted partner to return to after the first round of check-in conversations. Our team dedicates time to get back together with leaders, answering questions and providing additional insight to ensure successful installation.