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Strategic Planning

Create Clear Goals

Our comprehensive approach to strategic planning equips you with a roadmap to success and includes tools, such as customized scorecards, to foster a culture of accountability and progress.

  • A compelling vision
  • Shared objectives
  • Measurable results
  • Ownership and accountability

Let's Plan

Strategic Planning Elements


The time you dedicate to the planning session is valuable. We’ll maximize your team’s time together in the room by delivering a robust series of pre-session materials and activities, including advance surveying.


Our skilled facilitators will guide the conversation during your planning meeting, freeing you up to fully participate in the discussion. We’ll get everything out in the open, and help guide your team as you chart a vision for the future.


You should be focused on participating in the planning session, not on trying to take lots of notes. We’ll capture the day’s conversation and deliver a clear, comprehensive recap that can be referred back to at any point, along with your custom scorecard for tracking progress.


Make sure your goals move from the planning session and into fruition. We host regular scorecard reviews to hold your team accountable to progress and identify obstacles, and provide an updated scorecard so everyone knows where progress stands.

Planning Resources

Make the Most of Your Next Plan

We've rounded up the critical elements that every strategic planning session needs in order to be an effective, engaging use of time.

The Right Pre-session Activities

A great planning session begins before you enter the room. Check out how the right pre-session activities set you up for success.

Tracking Your Plan's Progress

How do you keep your plan from collecting dust? Find our best tips for keeping the momentum going after the planning session.

Best Practices for Building OKRs

Consider these seven best practices as you use the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) model to build your next strategic plan.