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Tracking Progress on Your Strategic Plan

You've built a new strategic plan and outlined ambitious goals. Now how do you keep your plan from collecting dust? Use these three strategies to keep the momentum going.

1. Build a Tracking Tool

A strategic plan is only as good as its execution. That's why every plan needs to include a tool for tracking progress. A simple scorecard with a clear rubric allows you to track progress in real-time and identify roadblocks early.

This living document becomes your roadmap that keeps everyone aligned and accountable.

2. Assign Ownership

Responsibility is the backbone of progress. Assign clear ownership in each area of your plan. The owner of each area isn’t responsible for accomplishing everything on their own, but they are responsible for moving the ball forward and reporting back on progress.

3. Hold Time for Check-ins

With a scorecard developed and ownership assigned, it’s time to set (and protect) time for regular check-in conversations. Owners and key stakeholders use these meetings as dedicated space to discuss challenges and to score progress.

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