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The Leadership Chapter

  • The Leadership Chapter is a new kind of leadership experience that blends aspects of professional book clubs, leadership development programs, and mastermind groups to deliver and discuss insights from the world’s brightest minds on core leadership topics.

Each 90-day cohort is built on two books that frame a topic. We dive deep into each book during guided meetups, and supplement the reading with a comprehensive workbook developed by the Habitat team.

Participants also gain access to an online community where they can explore additional resources, engage in discussions, and share their perspectives with fellow members. The quarter culminates with a special event designed for reflection and collective learning.

Program Overview

Self-Paced Reading

Each 90-day cohort is built on two books that frame a topic. Participants receive physical or audiobook copies of each book to complete at their own pace during the program.

Comprehensive Workbook

The two books are supplemented by a comprehensive workbook developed by our team and additional curated resources that are shared weekly. The books, workbook, and hand-picked podcasts, videos, and articles all work in harmony.

Guided Meetups

After a casual kickoff event, each cohort will meet three times over the course of 90 days. These meetups are facilitated by our team and include a dynamic mix of small group discussion and expert content delivery.

Online Community

Interactions and connection aren't limited to the in-person events. Participants gain access to an exclusive online community where they can explore additional resources and engage in discussion with peers.

Be Part of the Next Cohort

Effective Communication

Communication is the lifeblood of any great organization. But it's a mess, and the addition of digital platforms, hybrid work, and multigenerational teams makes it even more complicated.

We'll unpack those issues, along with communication fundamentals, establishing communication expectations, leading effective meetings, and having difficult conversations.


Program Details

This cohort is built on two books, Crucial Conversations by Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson, Al Switzler, Ron McMillan and Leadership Is Language by L. David Marquet.

Full access to all events, resources, and expert content is $1,000 per participant. The program is limited to no more than 15 participants.

Program Dates

  • Prologue (Kickoff): July 18
  • Meetup #1: August 15
  • Meetup #2: September 19
  • Epilogue (Closing): October 17