We’re a small team backed by data and proven tools.

Habitat's team of professional business consultants is made up of varied perspectives and experience, providing a unique blend of specialized knowledge and real world experience. As a result, we're capable of providing our clients with tested solutions as well as organizational-specific insights discovered during our research and assessment process.

Following our research-first, data-driven approach lets us ensure that every relationship begins with learning crucial details about an organization directly from the people who shape both the positive and negative aspects of the organization. The Habitat team collaborates with our clients to build a deep understanding of the issues they face and identify the specific criteria that will dictate success in every engagement.

We vet every new opportunity to ensure that our capabilities and specialties can make a real, lasting impact for our clients.

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Organizational development consultant focused on people development, Spencer Harris.

Spencer Harris, PhD

Spencer received his doctorate in Communication and Media Studies in 2014 from The University of Kansas and began a career in post-secondary education. After nearly a decade acting as a teacher and researcher, Spencer found his passion for organizational development while building great businesses, where he combined his expertise in people development, communication, and leadership with a gift for problem solving to help businesses overcome institutionalized problems.

Outside of his roles at Habitat and Mostly Serious, Spencer co-hosts The Mixed Six Podcast and has designed and successfully Kickstarted a board game, Party Fowl: The game of Drunk Ducks. Additionally, he regularly speaks on topics of leadership, communication, and popular culture.

Organizational development consultant and people development advocate, Jarad Johnson.

Jarad Johnson

In 2010, Jarad founded Mostly Serious, one of the top digital agencies in the Midwest. He founded the agency with an understanding that, in order to succeed, the company must focus on people development to attract and retain the industry's most talented people. In 2016, Spencer Harris joined Jarad, serving as Director of Operations. Alongside the team at Mostly Serious, the pair created many of the systems now used with clients at Habitat.

In addition to acting as President of Mostly Serious, Jarad has assisted in starting numerous non-profit organizations, including Springfield Community Gardens and Springfield Creatives. Most recently, he has served on the boards of Downtown Springfield Association, Galloway Neighborhood City Improvement District, and Champions Committed to Kids.

Professional business consultants benjamin thomas phd

Benjamin Thomas, PhD

Benjamin holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and serves as an assistant professor of management. As a Partner in Habitat, he combines his strengths in research and data analysis to collaborate with our clients in crafting highly effective, evidence-based solutions in areas such as organizational philosophy, strategic HR management, performance management, organizational structure, and management and leadership development.

Professional business consultants laura greene

Laura Greene-Johnson

Over the past decade, Laura has contributed to the launch of several startup companies while serving in a variety of roles, including directing client services, project management, and business management. Her first hand knowledge in building businesses and navigating difficult transitions provides her the ability to deeply understand the needs of our clients. Serving as Project Coordinator, Laura ensures every client relationship is guided through our smooth and reliable process.