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Turning Madness into Method

Habitat is quickly earning a reputation as an innovative organizational consulting and leadership development company in large part because we're committed to understanding the organization-specific problems that plague each team we serve. Only after exhaustive research about your company do we move forward, using time-tested strategic planning tools and our proven approach to solving challenging problems.

Leveraging research and data to build a strong foundation for all future decisions is critical to the lasting impact our organizational consulting services have made for each client's bottom line. Relying on data, including insights from your company leaders and employees, lets us identify appropriate solutions to the specific challenges and needs your company is facing.

We then build and implement systems to address those challenges, complete with extensive training, of course. To help ensure the success of our systems, we also focus on coaching your team members on the value they bring to the organization.

Lastly, because Habitat believes that strategic and organizational consulting should always focus on the long view, we embrace the obligation—opportunity, rather—to support your team in using our systems and creating effective habits through regular check-ins and coaching.

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Data-Driven Team Assessments

It doesn't require organizational consulting experience to sense that something isn’t working with your team. Communication suffers, attitudes flatline, meetings feel more tense, and even your best employees can suddenly feel like your biggest challenges. In those moments, most leaders make one of two decisions: Ignore the problem and hope it goes away or hastily make critical changes to job roles, processes, or the organization’s structure, leaving the entire team guessing at what might happen next. At Habitat, we believe that neither of these is the correct solution. Instead, we prioritize learning, taking a data-driven and research-first approach to understanding your team’s biggest challenges.

Team Member Assessments

A number of critical factors contribute to your team members feeling engaged in their work. Using a blend of surveys and interviews, our comprehensive assessment draws on foundational organizational research to help you understand the most significant opportunities to improve your employee engagement.

Communication Assessments

Effective communication, which requires a seamless combination of formal systems and individual communication styles, is the foundation for any successful organization. To help you understand the critical communication issues that are likely undermining your team's success, we’ve developed an industry-leading communication assessment.

Working Style Assessments

Our experience providing strategic and organizational consulting has reinforced the importance of a fairly obvious truth: People work differently. We manage tasks, process information, and receive feedback in different ways, and if you don’t understand your team members' working styles, you certainly can’t optimize them. Our thorough assessment of your team's working needs will help maximize your company's performance as a whole by boosting individual output, engagement, and job satisfaction.

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  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Workshops
  • Data Analysis
  • Communication Training

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Systems for Organizational Clarity

Do you find yourself wondering why employees have gotten into the habit of missing deadlines? Have you had trouble pinpointing why different departments and people—or even people within the same department—seem to be moving in different directions? Have leadership or department managers been struggling to hold their employees accountable? These seemingly separate challenges almost certainly point to one all-too-common, all-too-serious organizational obstacle: an underlying lack of clarity.

If your employees lack the information they need to succeed, they won't. They cannot. If expectations for performance and management aren't made clear, your people have no benchmark to consider when making decisions at work. Without a mutually shared purpose or path for your team, even well-meaning individuals will undoubtedly carve out their own paths.

On the other hand, providing the organizational clarity your team requires will light the shared path to success and provide guardrails along the way. While these organizational goals, expectations, and vision might be obvious to you (or a select few), the success of your company demands that you make them obvious to everyone in your organization—employees and leadership alike.

Organizational Visioning

The most effective teams can accomplish (damn near) anything, but effectiveness requires a purpose and a direction. A clear company vision helps your team see the future, imbues them with a sense of purpose, and engages them in the organization’s progress. It’s admittedly a difficult process; however, because organizational visioning is simply integral to your success, we’ve built just the right process to help you do it.

Strategic Planning System

Habitat built a comprehensive system of strategic planning tools, because we reject the notion that strategic planning consists of a quarterly or bi-annual meeting. Instead, we offer a total system of organizational processes featuring inspirational and measurable goals at the company, team, and individual. Our system also boasts strategic planning tools for tracking your success, and we conduct regular reviews of your progress. Using our comprehensive system and industry-leading tools, we're prepared to plan for and implement your success.

Organizational Structure

The most effective organizations prioritize accountability and clarity. Consistent lanes of reporting and management, plainly defined expectations, and formal documentation of key responsibilities are all necessary components of an organization built for success. Using the results of our organizational research as a guide, Habitat will help you correct any organizational structure issues we identify.

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  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Vision Statements
  • Organizational Charts
  • Job Analysis
  • Company Goal Systems
  • Job Descriptions

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Performance Management Systems

Prioritizing people and leadership development is one of the most impactful ways a great organization can invest in the future. Helping your team members map and achieve their goals, identify opportunities for personal and professional development, and refine and improve their skill sets—all within a purpose-driven framework—is the key to enhancing your organization. As a future-focused leadership development company, Habitat has experience building management development and employee development systems that enhance both individual and organizational performance.

Management & Leadership Development

Managing other employees is simply not a natural skill set most people possess. Effective leadership requires clear communication, a willingness to be direct and honest, and a development-driven mindset that pushes managers' direct reports (and your organization) to improve. To that end, we’ve built a comprehensive leadership development and management training toolbox to help new and tenured managers in various industries refine their skills and enhance their performance.

Employee Development Systems

Much like your organization, employees need clear paths for development that feature measurable goals, consistently articulated expectations, and regular conversations about their performance. Frankly, an annual performance review just won’t do the trick. Instead, we’ll help you build an employee development system that starts with an individual development plan, uses industry-leading tools to review and measure performance quarterly, and provides your managers with the necessary documentation and training to develop your people.

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  • Individual Development Plans
  • Management Training
  • Performance Management Systems

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