A Strategic Planning & Company Goal Setting articles series: Should my company hire a business consultant?

Author: Spencer Harris

One of the questions we hear most frequently when an organization is struggling with its approach to strategic planning and company goal setting is some variation of “How do I know if a consultant would help my company?” That’s an incredibly reasonable question.

Business consultants cost money, they require you to spend time on things that don’t overtly contribute to the bottom line, and they may suggest significant organizational changes that can seem terribly daunting to implement. In an effort to help you determine if a consultant is right for your business, we’re writing a series of articles detailing the most significant problems we typically help business owners address.

To provide as much insight as possible, we’ll walk you through a series of first-hand accounts from our strategic planning and organizational consulting experiences—the wins, the pain points, the pitfalls to avoid, and the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

If these problems reflect some of the issues your company is facing, then let’s have a conversation to explore if—and how—Habitat can help.

To kick things off, we're addressing a hard truth that very well may be the reason you found yourself considering a strategic planning consultant in the first place: We Can't Hit Our Company Goals: A Lesson in Strategic Planning Pitfalls