Consultant Job Posting

Author: Spencer Harris

Location: Springfield, MO

Welcome to the second job posting for Habitat Communication & Culture. When you’ve heard the phrase “get in on the ground floor,” have you always felt a little jolt of excitement? Have you wanted to make a real difference in your work and for your work to make a real difference in your community? If that sounds like you, well, you know the drill.

What We Do

Habitat Communication & Culture partners with organizations that have found organic success by way of how they do things. That success, though, has come with blind spots, gaps, and unmet opportunities for improvement. We work with our clients to craft company assessments, facilitate strategic planning sessions, establish and run goal-setting systems, build and deliver proprietary management and leadership training programs, and conduct custom research projects to answer big questions.

We tell the truth especially when it’s difficult. We do not deliver silver bullets and will not work with clients who believe they exist. Most of all, we select clients who genuinely care for their team, follow values that align with our own, and are open to the difficult work of improvement.

In the end, we can help organizations build better teams and help teams build better organizations. And we install the systems necessary to ensure the improvement outlasts our involvement.

Who We Are

We’re a small team of people who care deeply about helping people improve. We geek out on topics like organizational philosophy and goal-setting. We follow through on our commitment, answer questions completely and honestly, and always deliver excellent work we are proud to stand behind.

We’re also a young business and continually molding our values and principles. When you join our team, you’ll not just be helping us deliver results to our clients, but also weighing in on important, impactful, and long-lasting company-shaping conversations. You know, that “ground floor” thing.

We're committed to being an equal-opportunity employer.

Being an equal opportunity, open-minded, and inclusive employer feels like a given. We want to take this commitment beyond words and intentionally seek applicants from all gender identities, racial and ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ+ folks, with the goal of building a more diverse and inclusive team. We want to actively build a team that includes perspectives, experiences, and voices that are traditionally underrepresented and underserved. We know this will lead to better work, a stronger team, and it’s also just about damn time we did our part to be the change we’d like to see.

What will you do as a Consultant at Habitat Communication & Culture?

The Consultant will be responsible for working directly with our clients to help them address their organizational challenges, with a specific emphasis on facilitating strategic planning sessions, installing and training stakeholders on our performance management systems, shaping and leading the delivery of management and leadership training programs, and assisting in custom research projects. The position will report directly to our Co-Founder, Spencer Harris.

The ideal candidate for this position will:

A consultant at Habitat Communication & Culture will be primarily responsible for:

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

Benefits & Perks

Application Instructions

To apply, please send the following 2 documents in PDF Format

  1. Résumé summarizing your relevant experiences
  2. A cover letter presenting your fit with the job and demonstrating your skills in written communication

All application materials should be sent, in PDF format, to our Co-Founder, Spencer Harris: He will also answer any questions you may have about the application process.

Hiring Timelines

We will begin reviewing applications on August 22, so please send in your application no later than 5 pm August 19.

After reviewing applications, we will invite potential team members to an interview process and we intend to make a job offer by September 12.