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A Strategic Planning & Company Goal Setting articles series: Should my company hire a business consultant?

One of the questions we field most frequently is some variation of “How do I know if a consultant would help my organization?” That's an incredibly reasonable question. Business consultants cost money, they require you to spend time on things that don’t overtly contribute to the bottom line, and they may suggest significant organizational changes that can seem terribly daunting to implement. In an effort to help you determine if a consultant is right for your business, we’re writing a series of articles detailing the most significant problems we typically help business owners address.

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We Can't Hit Our Company Goals: A Lesson in Strategic Planning Pitfalls

If you’re a manager, a leader, or a business owner, you’ve been haunted by the ghosts of your goals. Some of them keep you up at night, wondering if you could possibly achieve those numbers or make that kind of progress. Others linger in the back of your mind, reminding you of the things you’ve missed in the past while you’re trying to bravely plan for the future. Goals are the stock-in-trade of management and leadership, and most businesses struggle to make meaningful progress on their most important objectives.

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